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Moving my blog to a server, from github pages
Why I’d like to add some services in the future, setup analytics, but github pages does’t offer really nice options for that, and why the hell should I want you to call an external service, like Google Analitics or Piwik, when I already have web server logs to get some metrics? no, no… only if it’s absolutely necessary, I value your resources. You can see the source of this stuff @ here

favourite interview questions

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My favourite interview questions
My favourite DevOps tech interview questions so far by “my favourite”, I mean, things which I think may help to determine if the employee have the necessary skills, a mindset which fits into the company culture, and the likelyhood of a win-win outcome of an employment relationship. General understanding describe what happens when you write http://www.<companywebsite>.com into the browser I think it’s a great open-ended question, experienced engineers can talk about it for hours.


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setup cjdns mesh network on rpi
Why it is cool The goal here is to make my PI reachable from everywhere, no matter where is it. It’s not like publishing it to the internet, it’s a private network, currently not connected to any external peers, which helps to reduce the attack surface. Think of it as VPN service without any central servers, nodes just connects to each other, and they can reach each other by discovering routes, so if any node breaks down, it will be just that node, and the rest of the network will find an other way around.