Things I do / don’t like @ work

👍 Solving problems, improving things, evaluating possible solutions, things like that.

❤️ I’m most effective with linux laptop, so I can bring it to a quiet place when I really want to get a more complex thing done, and can work from home sometimes, after I know when/what/how things needs to be done.

⭐️ I like to give, and receive meaningful, and costructive feedbacks; it’s the only way to ensure that we’re on the same page and heading into the same direction.

❤️ microservices, docker, kubernetes, FaaS are the present and the future, because they solve the problems of the “old way” (and introduce new problems as well, but it’s worth it). it’s best to be done in painless, small iterations, without big changes.

📖 Documentation is very important. I like to keep it simple, up-to-date and manageble. It’s hard to un-think what I already know (and forget to mention important things), so the best is to write docs from the beginning.