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My favourite interview questions

My favourite DevOps tech interview questions so far

by “my favourite”, I mean, things which I think may help to determine if the employee have the necessary skills, a mindset which fits into the company culture, and the likelyhood of a win-win outcome of an employment relationship.

General understanding

describe what happens when you write http://www.<companywebsite>.com into the browser

I think it’s a great open-ended question, experienced engineers can talk about it for hours.

Describe what happens when you write ls into a linux command prompt

This is the same kind of question, the candidate can talk about shell, kernel, I/O schedulers, filesystems, and a lots of things

How would you build a redundant LAMP stack, how the developer’s day would look like?

It allows the candidate to describe how would he solve problems, both from technical, and human side.

What you have learned in the past few months?

Please tell me about something you did and you’re proud of it

Suppose you don’t agree with your team

There is a problem, and you’re absolutely sure that your solution is much better than the one the team suggested. The team’s solution can also work. The point in this question is to see if the candidate can accept a different decision that his/her preferenc.


When working as a DevOps Engineer, I think it’s absolutely essential to know the concept of microservices. If we don’t, we likely end up running ssh servers inside microservices, provisioning containers with ansible, and obliviously, run into serious problems and inefficiency. Every detail can be looked up in the docs, but understanding the concept is what determines the choices we make, which makes a difference.

What is the difference between a virtual machine, and a container?

Please describe a CI/CD pipeline of the developement of multiple microservices

  • services in the same repo / different repo
  • deployment / test info in the service’s repository, or separate? centralized? hardcoded into jobs, or in VCS?

Questions I made up

You have a big, messy monolith, which is hard to keep alive / improve. You have to propose if it’s rewritten, refactored, or worked around. What are the key factors which determines your proposal?

Let’s suppose You have your CI/CD pipeline, used by 60 developers, and everything works well. What would you do, to minimize the risk of internal / external breach ?

Closing words

enjoy! :)