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setup cjdns mesh network on rpi
Why it is cool The goal here is to make my PI reachable from everywhere, no matter where is it. It’s not like publishing it to the internet, it’s a private network, currently not connected to any external peers, which helps to reduce the attack surface. Think of it as VPN service without any central servers, nodes just connects to each other, and they can reach each other by discovering routes, so if any node breaks down, it will be just that node, and the rest of the network will find an other way around.

rpi nas

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Building a NAS from Paspberry Pi
The beginning I’ve received a PI from my Friend; he was also interested in building a simple and cheap NAS. I’ve got this: (roughly 1.900 HUF as the time of writing). Getting the hardware The first days was mostly about reading the docs, and understanding what do I need to achieve that; so I’ve created a list, to see what do I need to make it happen. Power adapter (actually, I didn’t had to buy it, as it works with my phone charger) Active USB HUB (the PI doesn’t have enough power for storage / networking / display / etc), and I wanted to make sure on that won’t be a bottleneck.

assymetric crypto

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assymetric crypto with an example
Finally, I’ve found that explaination about assymetric crypto; One of the most common and famous examples of asymmetric encryption is actually something that can be understood if you know how to do exponentiation. It goes something like this: I come up with a number X, and publicly tell you it. [Let’s say X = 7] I also come up with a number A, but don’t tell you it. [Let’s say X = 4]

decentralized twitter - twtxt

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simple and beautiful
There is something which we can noting really to compare with, but it’s somehow similiar to twitter, except it’s simple, console-based, decentralized, and works like charm. The original client is, but there is an actually working, stable and complete implementation (and probably more), writted by @mdom in bash,